Geopark Education

Discovery’s goal is to support research, education (both formal and informal) and the dissemination of the Earth sciences regionally, provincially, nationally and internationally.

School Programming

Educational programs and workshops and are activity-based, user friendly and support the Newfoundland and Labrador curriculum.

Discovery is currently developing a unique collection of STEM activities to support the Grade 4 Newfoundland and Labrador Science Curriculum: Rocks, Minerals and Erosion unit.

Programming and workshops are delivered by a geosicence educator to schools within Discovery’s boundary.

Teacher Resources

Mining Matters

Mining Matters has an extensive Education section with resources for teachers and students promoting awareness of the importance of rocks, minerals, and metals.

Putting the Earth into Science

Putting the Earth into Science is directed to teachers of high school chemistry, physics, biology, general science, environmental science and mathematics. Excellent, detailed lesson plans.

Bringing Earth Science to Life

Bringing Earth Science to Life contains classroom-ready activities covering a range of units, including Earth history, geomorphology, soils, rocks, minerals, tectonics and more. Excellent, detailed lesson plans.

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Since the discovery of significant Ediacaran fossils beds, researchers frequent the region to study the evolution of the Ediacaran biota. Currently, researchers from Queens University (Ontario), Cambridge, Oxford, Harvard, MIT, Memorial University of Newfoundland have done recent work in the region.

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