Discovery’s goal is to protect and conserve the region’s natural heritage, with particular emphasis on geological heritage and its enhancement as a resource, for the economic and social development for the community.

Provincial legislation protects significant palaeon­tological (fossil) resources. The Province of Newfoundland Labrador’s Palaeontological Resource Regulations states it is illegal to remove, destroy or interfere in any manner with these fossil resources. This leg­islation protects the Discovery Geopark’s fossils sites within the communities of Melrose, Port Union, Catalina and Little Catalina, Municipality of Trinity Bay North and Elliston.

Discovery fosters education and empowering community partners to serve as stewards and guardians of all Geosites.

Code of Conduct

Discovery’s Code of Conduct helps provide a framework for all participants of the Geopark. Everyone must play a fundamental role in respecting the heritage, both geological and non-geolog­ical. The Code is presented as a Hiker’s Trail Etiquette.

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