Geopark Management

Discovery Global Geopark is a provincial not-for-profit organization representing many organizations and communities including incorporated municipalities, individuals, support agencies and experts across several disciplines. The grassroots organization supports a collaborative and inclusive approach to encouraging responsible management and empowering communities on the Bonavista Peninsula.

Board of Directors

John Norman, Chair, Private Sector
Bonavista Creative and Bonavista Living

Marilyn Coles Hayley, Vice-Chair, Not-for-Profit
Home from The Sea

Jim Miller, Treasurer, Not-for-Profit
Trinity Historical Society

Edith Samson, Secretary, Not-for-Profit
Sir William Ford Coaker Heritage Foundation

Mary Batterton, Director, Municipal
Town of King’s Cove

Jane Tucker, Director, At Large
Municipality of Trinity Bay North

Marieke Gow, Director, Hike Discovery
Hike Discovery

David Hiscock, Director, Municipal
Town of Bonavista

Garry Keough, Director, Not-for-Profit
Community Connections

Morgaine Parnham, Director, Private Sector
Tree Line Fine Art

Carol Ryan, Director, Not-for-Profit
King’s Cove Historical Society

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